How To Save Money On Engagement Rings

Planning to propose? An engagement ring is a symbol of your love and commitment for the rest of your life. Every guy wants to buy the perfect ring for their girl. But, they don’t have to break their bank accounts just to find a great engagement ring, although it can be one of the most expensive things they can purchase in their life.

Men should know the importance of planning ahead. So buy the engagement for your girl with love but with wisdom.

Here are ways on how to save money on an engagement ring

Here are ways on how to save money on an engagement ring

Establish the Do’s before the purchase

  • Do start with determining how much to spend on (budgeting).
  • Do save before buying.
  • Do discover what your fiancé likes.
  • Do consider more options than just diamonds

Alternatives to diamonds

  1. Moissanite –the most brilliant alternative to diamonds. Like a diamond, it’s nearly colorless and more durable and resistant to abrasion than a diamond.
  2. White sapphire –it is significantly colorless.
  3. Cubic Zirconia –the least expensive alternatives and essentially lighter than a diamond.
  4. Family heirloom –it’s always been family first, so it’s worth seeing if there’s an heirloom that could work as an engagement ring.
  5. Antique –Antique rings often tell a story and are unique. They are usually an attractive option for a bride-to-be who wants to stand out.

Decide where to buy the engagement ring

Although it may not sound romantic, purchasing a ring online can save you enough cash for many romantic nights without any Arizona title loans.

Nevertheless, people should be smart when choosing an online jeweler. You must also consider how much the service cost of delivering the ring and how to make adjustments if the ring doesn’t fit well on your girl.

Online jewelry websites often have deals and discounts; take advantage of it. If the online jeweler is not for you, then try to seek out local artisans. A local jeweler can offer better craftsmanship that can result in a unique ring.

Online jewelry websites

Buy a used ring

When purchasing a used engagement ring, you may not get the same experience as the acquisition of a brand new one, but the thing is you can get it at a discounted amount. The used rings are those antiques or vintage rings. Look for an auction online or at a brick and mortar store.

Recognize the C’s

People who can hear men saying, “how to save on engagement rings?” will not be surprising since it’s a question usually asked by those who want to propose. Thus, they should know what the C’s are (in no particular order).

Recognize the C’s

  • Color –the color grading scale ranges from D and Z, which D is completely colorless to the naked eye while Z is a yellow-hued stone.
  • Clarity –it deals with the imperfection of the diamond categorized from Flawless to Included.
  • Carat –the standard measurement of the weight of a diamond. Diamonds prices are based on karat weights.
  • Cut –this determines the diamond’s fire and brilliance. Well-cut diamonds have more sparkle and shine brighter than those poorly cut.
  • All these for C’s are the most common C’s that people know, but still, there’s another C’s to consider, and it is the cost.
  • Cost –don’t get emotionally attached to any ring and don’t rush buying. Take time to search to find the best value according to the planned budget.

Go for a non-traditional shape

The majority of the girls prefer a round shape diamond ring, which causes the price to go up, but there are other shapes than the traditional round shape. One of them is the fancy shape, which is a shape that’s essentially less expensive.

Go for a non-traditional shape


This article mostly tackles how to save money on engagement rings. Specifically, it’s about saving money for a diamond engagement ring, but there’s no rule saying that an engagement ring should have a diamond. Anyone can save money on an engagement ring with the right timing and planning. The most important thing in proposing is the sincerity towards your future partner