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Motorhome/Passenger Vehicle Towing Combination E-ZPass Tag Order Form - TA-W68176 Green Pass Discount Plan: Offers a special 10% discount to Hybrid vehicles getting at least 45 miles to the gallon and meeting certain emissions standards. View specifics regarding this discount plan.

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Enrolled E-ZPass customers will receive a discount off the full fare off-peak toll on the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway. Vehicles that obtain at least 45 miles per gallon and meet the California Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (SULEV) standard are eligible for the discount.

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To apply for a Resident Discount Plan, submit a copy of your valid vehicle registration and a copy of your driver's license or utility bill with your E-ZPass application. Please note: a vehicle's registration may be used on only one E-ZPass account. Residency status is subject to periodic review.

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Port Authority Truck Volume Discount: The Truck Volume Discount program offers an additional 10% discount on E-ZPass off-peak toll rates for E-ZPass customers with NY or NJ commercial accounts who make 100 or more Port Authority New York-bound trips during non-peak hours.

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E-ZPass® New York account holders may be eligible for a resident or other discount plan.Click here to view a list of available plans! Proof of eligibility may be mailed to PO Box 149001, Staten Island, NY 10314-5001 or faxed to 718-390-9772.

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E-ZPass is accepted, and drivers who go into Pennsylvania frequently and get the New Jersey version of the pass will get a 40% discount, the agency said. Stateline Story January 9, 2018 New, Higher Tolls for 2018 Elsewhere in the country, some states are moving away from the two-tiered charging system.

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Discount Program: Cost : No membership fee. You will be assessed a lower toll simply by paying your toll with a vaild E-ZPass transponder. Dulles Greenway: Discount Program: Cost : No membership fee. However, a minimum toll road usage is required to receive any benefit. Savings :

2 days ago 292 used Verified


The Business Standard Plan (Business) allows you to enroll in the E-ZPass program and receive a 25% discount off the two-axle cash rate at most Maryland toll facilities. At the William Preston Lane, Jr. Memorial (Bay) Bridge (US 50/301), E-ZPass Maryland customers will receive a 37.5% discount.

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Commercial E-ZPass; Winter Event Vehicle Restrictions; close; Tolls / E-ZPass. Payment Options; E-ZPass Info; PA Turnpike TOLL BY PLATE Info; Toll Violation Enforcement; No Cash Zone - Cashless Tolling; E-ZPass App; GoPak Registration; Rental Vehicles; Toll Calculator / Printable Schedules; close; Travel Tools. 511PA Travel Conditions Map

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E-ZPass MA offers special discount programs to qualified Massachusetts residents. Special discount programs can now be renewed by mail or by fax. You may mail the required documents to 27 Midstate Drive, Auburn, MA 01501 or fax to 1-508-786-5222.

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West Virginia ’s E-ZPass system has a single fee discount for E-ZPass customers of one $25 fee for one year of unlimited travel and a one-time fee of $13 for the transponder. The other type of account option lets you pay a $10 deposit and a $5 yearly annual fee, and auto-replenishes at a balance of $10.

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In addition to E-ZPass discounted rates, as an E-ZPass account holder you are automatically enrolled in our E-Z Discount Plan. As a participant, you are eligible to earn up to 50% off your total tolls for the month.

1 days ago 217 used Verified


Discount program members pay just $0.75 for a 2 axle vehicle, plus membership fees - a real savings over the regular toll of $3.00 or the peak weekend toll of $8.00! When you're a Discount Program member, the more you use the Chesapeake Expressway, the more you'll save.

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Tolls and discounts are automatically calculated as an E-ZPass customer passes through the toll lanes. A small electronic device, called a tag or a transponder, is mounted on the vehicle’s windshield. When the vehicle passes through a toll, the tag is read, and the transaction is calculated and processed.

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The discount (50% off the E-ZPass toll fare) is applied within 5 days after the end of the 30-day discount period. This plan is for individual accounts only and will automatically be assigned to the transponders on 2-axle vehicles. The 30 trips must be made on the same transponder in order to qualify.

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The E-ZPass® program continues to offer a variety of discount plans to meet the needs of West Virginia Parkways travelers. Our Individual Discount Plans offer convenient, cost savings options for individuals and families that travel every day or every once in a while.

1 days ago 271 used


Discounts: Out-of-state E-ZPass: 30¢ discount at Sumner Tunnel, Ted Williams Tunnel and Tobin Memorial Bridge. North Carolina Toll Roads Discounts: Discount varies by exit for Triangle and Monroe Expressways and I-77 Express Lanes Ohio Turnpike Discounts: 0–35%, varies by exit. Pennsylvania Turnpike Discounts: 35% discount off cash rate.

1 days ago 378 used


E-PASS customers are automatically eligible for discounted savings based on the number of toll transactions per E-PASS transponder on CFX expressways. The more you drive, the more you save. E-PASS customers were awarded more than $16M in customer discounts in Fiscal Year 2018 alone.

7 days ago 277 used


Commuters with NJ E-ZPass who make 18 or more round-trip bridge crossings during a calendar month will receive an $18.00 monthly account credit. The commuter credit applies only to non-commercial passenger vehicles, including motorcycles and small trucks that weigh 7,000 lbs. and less.

2 days ago 281 used


Transportation > WV Parkways Authority > E-Z Pass > E-ZPass Information > Discount Scenarios. Discount Scenarios. New Toll Rates Effective Beginning January 1, 2019 ...

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E-ZPass On-the-Go tags are available at your local AAA Travel Store for $25. Most AAA locations offer a discount on the tag for AAA members. When you register your tag online or over the phone, the $25 becomes your prepaid toll balance. Visit your local AAA office to get your E-ZPass On-the-Go tag today! AAA LOCATIONS

2 days ago 307 used


The New York State Thruway Authority offers free, unlimited travel anywhere on the Thruway to certain, qualifying disabled Veterans. The Thruway Authority’s only qualifying criteria for the Disabled Veterans E-ZPass Non-Revenue program is a fee-exempt vehicle registration from Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

1 days ago 302 used


No. Only NH E-ZPass account holders using NH transponders will get a discount at NH tolls. What discounts are offered to NH E-ZPass account holders? The discount is based on the class of vehicle not the type of account. NH E-ZPass discounts for vehicle classes 1-4 is 30% and classes 5-12 is 10%. I don't want to use my E-ZPass transponder today ...

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E-ZPass is an electronic toll collection system that saves both time and money. Travelers who use E-ZPass save an average of 33% on tolls.E-ZPass is accepted in 17 states and at the bridge crossings of the Niagara Falls Bridge Commission.. How much will E-ZPass save you?Click here for an online toll calculator to see your savings with E-ZPass.. Are you a frequent traveler?

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E-ZPass MA provides customers electronic toll collection through the use of a transponder. A transponder is a small electronic device, it attaches to the inside of your windshield. As you travel under a tolling location (gantry), your transponder is read and your toll will be deducted from your E-ZPass MA account.

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E-ZPass Maryland Service Centers' website. Online access to your account, online E-ZPass Application, Road and Travel Conditions, FAQ's, and participating E-ZPass facilities.

2 days ago 205 used


Login to your account to verify that we have the most up to date contact information [phone number(s) and e-mail address]. If you think your account has been compromised please call us immediately at 1-888-288-6865

1 days ago 256 used


E-ZPass allows you to pay your tolls electronically without slowing down, while E-ZPass Flex, with three or more people in the car, means you get a toll free trip on the 395 Express Lanes. The new Express Lanes on Interstate 395 running all the way from the Capital Beltway in Northern Virginia, to just below the Pentagon near the 14th Street ...

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Please be advised, the PTC E-ZPass Call Center hours have changed. Our call center service representatives will be available Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm. The Customer Service Center walk in services will be closed to the public until further notice. Our website, automated phone system, and mobile app will still be available during this time.

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E-ZPass Disabled Veterans Non-Revenue Program The New York State Thruway Authority offers free, unlimited travel anywhere on the Thruway to certain, qualifying disabled veterans. A disabled veteran who obtains a fee-exempt vehicle registration from the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) may enroll in the Authority’s Disabled ...

2 days ago 354 used


COUPON (5 days ago) (2 days ago) E-ZPass is accepted, and drivers who go into Pennsylvania frequently and get the New Jersey version of the pass will get a 40% discount, the agency said. Stateline Story January 9, 2018 New, Higher Tolls for 2018 Elsewhere in the country, some states are moving away from the two-tiered charging system.

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The E-ZPass office will be closed to the public beginning Tuesday, March 17, 2020 until further notice. This action has been taken to limit personal interactions in keeping with the state’s efforts to control the spread of COVID 19. Effective Tuesday, March 24,2020 the call center hours will be from Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

2 days ago 381 used


By registering your transponder, you are establishing an E-ZPass account allowing toll transactions to be deducted electronically from a pre-paid account. The GoPak has an initial balance of $38. A $3 charge will be assessed for the initial annual fee, and $35 will be available for tolls.

1 days ago 296 used


Another option for cash-paying customers Now accepting cash to replenish your E-ZPass at these participating locations:

2 days ago 143 used


Use your E-ZPass 40 times in one month, and you'll earn 50% back. *PLEASE NOTE: Only Maine Turnpike trips incurring a toll count toward E-ZPass Discount Plan rebates. Get an E-ZPass for every driver in your family, and the savings can add up even faster. The E-Z Discount Plan works with up to four devices on your E-ZPass Personal Account!

2 days ago 372 used


Green Pass Discount for NJ E-ZPass Customers. The following vehicles qualify existing NJ E-ZPass Program customers for the Green Pass Discount—a 10% discount on off-peak rates* (regardless of the state of residency): Vehicles with a miles per gallon rating of 45 MPG or better.

1 days ago 268 used


Drivers with a commuter E-ZPass, who pay $3 now, will see a 15-cent increase in 2021 and pay $3.45 in 2022. The easiest way to save on Thruway tolls is to get an E-ZPass. Without an E-ZPass, the ...

8 days ago 188 used


E‑ZPass is an electronic toll collection system used on most tolled roads, bridges, and tunnels in the Midwestern and Eastern United States, as far south as Florida and as far west as Illinois.The E-ZPass Interagency Group (IAG) consists of 39 member agencies in operation within 17 states, which use the same technology and allow travelers to use the same transponder on toll roads throughout ...

6 days ago 429 used


The E-ZPass main Service Center is located at 22-24 West Loockerman Street, Dover, DE. Stop by and visit our Service Center to see what we have to offer! > No Waiting! E-ZPass customers can "Keep Moving" with Delaware E-ZPass Express Lanes. Get your E-ZPass today at these locations. E-ZPass Customer Service Center ...

1 days ago 352 used


Ohio Turnpike E-ZPass transponders can be found at Select Discount Drug Mart Locations. The cost of the EZ-Pass at Discount Drug Mart is $12. A $13 charge will be added to meet the minimum starting balance of $25. A total of $25 loads on a new EZ-Pass. When your EZ-Pass is low on funds, it auto replenishes with the Credit Card used to register.

2 days ago 366 used


MA E-ZPass Transponders now available at participating Massachusetts AAA Offices. AAA announces a program with the Massachusetts DOT, to distribute Massachusetts E-ZPass transponders at your local AAA Branch offices, we are currently offering this service to members.

26 days ago 290 used


Senior citizens are eligible for discounts if they are NJ users of E-Z Pass on the NJ Turnpike and Garden State Parkway. A 10 percent discount is available if you qualify and register your NJ E ...

1 days ago 185 used


2 E-ZPass rates apply to New York Customer Service Center (NYCSC) E-ZPass customers only. NYCSC tags are issued by The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, The New York State Thruway Authority and MTA Bridges and Tunnels and have tag numbers beginning with 004, 005, 008, 013 or 018.

5 days ago 314 used


Plan Descriptions E-ZPass Basic Plan. Account level plan: The basic plan allows the account holder to use their E-ZPass transponder at all toll agencies displaying the E-ZPass logo subject to the terms of agreement of that particular agency. Standard Plan (Required for all accounts) RITBA Minimum Prepaid Toll Startup. Number of Transponders multiplied by $25.00 (per Transponder).

6 days ago 400 used


AAA branch offices in RI, and the S. Attleboro and Somerset branches sell RI E-ZPass Transponders for $10.00 for AAA members and for non-members plus initial load amount.* AAA Members will receive a $2.00 credit towards their toll balance just by signing up for an E-ZPass account at one of the participating AAA Offices.

6 days ago 344 used


E-ZPass SM is the fastest, easiest way to pay your tolls on the Indiana Toll Road. E-ZPass SM is the most common form of electronic toll collection. E-ZPass SM makes your travel convenient and saves you time. All you need is a transponder in your vehicle and you can simply drive through E-ZPass SM designated toll lanes. Your toll is debited from a pre-paid account.

1 days ago 368 used


License plate number(s) as listed on your vehicle registration Vehicle(s) make, model, and year Credit card, debit card, or banking information for payments Prefer to mail an application, d ownload an E-ZPass MA application Your free transponder will be mailed to the address on your account. Apply ...

7 months ago 320 used

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