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If flu shots won’t be available on-site or near-site especially with company work-from-home policies through the end of the year, provide information to all employees as to where they can avail ...

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10. Onboard new employees with your intranet. If you want to increase employee engagement, get your new hires on the intranet as soon as they start. Your intranet will not only be your right hand when it comes to training, but it will also express the importance of your intranet to new employees by introducing it immediately.

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Sometimes employee inefficiency can be to blame, but more than likely, there’s a problem with how the employee is balancing their work and their personal life. That’s a situation managers can help them solve. Promoting a healthy work-life balance is essential. It helps your employees stay productive, healthy and avoid burnout.

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Some intranet teams choose to use a community of advocates from around the organization who act as local champions and experts, helping to promote use, answer questions and even carry out training. Some of these advocates might also be site managers, super-users or communications coordinators.

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Promote the flu vaccination clinic with the following: Posters about the importance of flu vaccination can be posted in break rooms, cafeterias, and other high-traffic areas. An article in company communications (e.g., newsletters, intranet, emails, portals, etc.) can highlight the clinic and flu prevention.

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WHEN TO PROMOTE EMPLOYEES. For an organization, deciding whether or not an employee is ready for promotion can be a challenge. Not all employees may be ready for an appraisal or a promotion due to lack of the length of service, the right number of achievements as well as lack of the needed skills and experience at the given position.

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Employee morale describes the overall outlook, attitude, satisfaction, and confidence that employees feel at work. When employees are positive about their work environment and believe that they can meet their most important career and vocational needs, employee morale is positive or high.

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Motivated employees promote teamwork and camaraderie. Reply. Jeff Murphy says: March 16, 2016 at 8:14 pm Armand – couldn’t have said it better myself! Reply. Christy says: March 11, 2016 at 1:33 pm I really enjoyed this article. I liked how happiness was included as a motivating factor. I have watched my dad go to work every day my entire ...

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Step 3 – Task Meaningful Work. Engaged employees are doing meaningful work and have a clear understanding of how they contribute to the company’s mission, purpose and strategic objectives.

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Employee Engagement Idea: Promote transparency and collaboration Click To Tweet 3. Have more fun. Take a half day Friday to do something fun together. Go on a scavenger hunt, play sports outdoors, go paint-balling or bowling. These social events help people bond with others on the team who they don’t interact with on a daily basis and builds ...

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Bottom Line: Ongoing training allows employees to continue to develop their skills and improve their performances. 5. Utilize data and platforms. In the digital era, measuring an employee’s performance can be very data-driven. Assessing time management, quality of tasks accomplished, and even the impact of work does not have to be subjective.

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The company’s intranet and/or website should be captivating and easy to navigate. It also helps to have a one-stop benefits portal through your online enrollment system. This landing page can provide FAQ’s, employee benefit summaries, and sort out a lot of uncertainty.

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What intranet application works best to post a job opening? When it comes to posting jobs on your intranet you can begin by creating a Job Openings application. Job Openings allows you to share current positions within your organization in one, easy to access, location for all employees.

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A leadership best practice often overlooked is thanking and praising employees six times for every time feedback is provided requiring change and adjustment from an employee. There are times when ...

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Idea #2: Encourage employees to participate in intranet research. Employee feedback is essential to designing a useful, usable intranet. Get employees to participate in card sorting and task testing activities for your new intranet. Not only will you end up with a stronger navigation, but you’ll also show employees that you value their input.

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Connect employees to employee assistance program (EAP) resources, if available, and community resources as needed. Employees may need additional social, behavioral, and other services, for example, to help them manage stress and cope. Protect employees at higher risk for severe illness through supportive policies and practices.

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You might add new duties to the employee’s position to prevent boredom, allow room for growth in the position, or offer a job rotation program so employees do different tasks every so often.

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Even if the intranet is web-based, staff still need training. IT help desk. The IT help desk (or support desk) is an important ally in increasing intranet usage. By building bridges with this team, they can be encouraged to promote and support the intranet. Naming the intranet

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Employees are our company’s greatest asset. We offer a wide range of resources to support them in both their professional and personal lives. From compensation and benefits to flexible work schedules and financial tools, we show our appreciation for our employees’ skills, ambitions and potential.

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If employees in certain roles perform similar, sequential tasks, consider making each employee a single-task expert. Then one person can perform one tas k on-site for a period of time and leave. Then the next employee can pick up the next task, work for a period of time and leave it for another task expert to complete.

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Establish unequivocal, objective employee recognition criteria and communicate them to all employees to head off confusion, hurt feelings, and sapped morale. This means spelling out exactly the deliverables or behaviors employees will be recognized for and how they'll be recognized. It also means recognizing every employee who meets the criteria.

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Read more about the key elements that can help maximize adoption and promote engage employees in a new intranet in our article, 5 steps for crafting an internal communications plan for your intranet project. Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in December 2016 and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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Engaged employees report higher job satisfaction, are more likely to be proactive, are more committed/loyal to the organisation and are less likely to seek other opportunities. Use these 12 tips to maximise employee engagement using an intranet to create a more efficient, effective and successful workforce. Want more intranet best practice tips?

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Fostering a workplace culture gives employees this sense of belonging, and encourages desires behaviors. Since in modern organizations, many employees will never meet in person, the intranet is the perfect online hub to promote and build your company culture. Some examples of promoting company culture through the intranet:

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Additionally, employees should have multiple outlets available to provide feedback on their organization’s safety program. 5) Utilize employee feedback to reassess your safety program. Any time your organization encourages employee feedback, you should be committed to using that feedback to make reasonable and necessary changes.

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In fact, an intranet portal enables HR to communicate and promote a great company culture for all employees, including values and goals and how these relate to actual business targets as well as team and individual goals. The onboarding process can be completed using a variety of media such as videos, wikis, podcasts and online checklists and ...

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The pandemic is completely redefining the way teams communicate and work. While remote work used to be offered by some companies as a way to offer a more flexible lifestyle to their employees, it has now become the norm for most businesses. 📚 Download our eBook "10 Principles of Modern Employee Communications" and learn how to communicate with the modern employee in today's digital age.

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Employees are design-focused – unless it’s properly designed, fewer than 50% of employees will use the intranet on a day to day basis. From our experience of implementing modern intranets in different size organizations, and receiving feedback from our clients on the positive turnaround in employee engagement, we can confidently share 5 ...

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Employer Branding is the key tactic successful companies use to attract talent and retain their employees. 5 most important ways to promote your Employer Brand that every company should use are promoting your Employer Brand on social media and your career site, ...

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Although many salaried employees might be able to find higher compensation or better perks at other companies, our retention rates, particularly for longer-term Costco employees, are very high. We believe our competitive compensation and benefits, opportunities for growth and advancement, and the stability and overall culture of the company are ...

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By leveraging your employees as brand ambassadors, you can quickly and measurably increase your social media reach with the audience you’re trying to engage. Here are five ways to get your employees jazzed up for social media advocacy on behalf of your organization. 1. Lead by Example

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4. Reward employees who comply with procedures. Recognizing and rewarding correct behavior is a great motivator for employees.Don’t keep rewards strictly for meeting goals or going the extra mile—if you really want to see appreciation, reward employees simply for following procedures correctly.

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Taking salaries and overhead costs into account, the study reports that a company with a very poor intranet design would spend $3,042 per employee annually to cover time spent on the tasks.

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7 Ways to Improve Employee Satisfaction: Promote Good Health Poor health is not only damaging to employees, it is detrimental to businesses. "Corporations pay a heavy cost for stress-related ...

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Teaching employees effective personal strategies they can implement themselves is one effective way of motivating staff. Emphasize that employee safety is a priority by providing new trainees with health and safety training in their first week of work. Promote Engagement and Participation from Workers

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6. Be Intentional with Wellness: Empower employees with the support and tools they need to stay productive and healthy in the face of new challenges. Remote work can be hard for many people, so it’s important to provide a forum for employees to share resources, and give employees permission to work out or meditate during the work day.

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Delegated administration rights mean that you can nominate staff across the business to create and publish content to promote the intranet. For example, Marketing might run new product quizzes with links to relevant intranet pages, or HR might run screensavers promoting new staff support programs on the intranet.

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Even coaching, for example, takes valuable time away from an experienced and often senior employee in order to promote another employee’s education. When time is scarce, stick to training methods that are quick and convenient. A one-day classroom-based workshop might do the job. Or, if employees are not based in the same workspace and the ...

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Without employee engagement and excitement, your employee wellness program just won’t thrive. But by implementing some of these 11 wellness program promotion tips, you’ll be able to promote your program, generate buzz, and keep employees interested in your wellness efforts.

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Problem employees. Difficult staffers. Workers who need behavior modification and attitude adjustments. However they're described, problem employees are the dread of every manager, and they ...

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This can also make it easier to promote your brand and culture internally. A library of policies and procedures: An employee portal is the perfect place to stash the most up-to-date version of your policies, procedures and other important information. Having easy access to this type of information can enhance employee proficiency and productivity.

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While you can create corporate Intranets for the whole organization, you can also build sub sections in the Intranet for specific divisions and departments. The above examples related to an Intranet sub section built specifically for the HR department. Rather than reaching out to the HR department every single time, employees can access common HR templates like Leave Forms, Appraisal Templates ...

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This is easy to do if you have access to your intranet’s CSS. Break up long paragraphs into shorter ones, especially on your home page. 4. Promote useful, but undiscovered, content. Sometimes, users don’t know what they want. If there’s a piece of Intranet content you feel users ought to be accessing more, then promote it.

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Klick Health, an Intranet Design Annual winner from 2015, allowed employees to post questions on the site; a member of the content team went with a smartphone in hand to an expert in the organization and recorded video responses, which were then posted to the site. The process made sharing knowledge simple and easy for those asking and ...

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An intranet is an online private communications network with access restricted to only internal employees. An intranet contains a range of tools and modules that are designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a company’s operations. With online interactive staff directories, news pages and blogs, collaborative workspaces, quizzes ...

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Employees May Make Other Demands or Have Other Objections. Even if an employee does not work in a state with one of these laws, an employee may have other concerns about appearing on the employer’s website, Facebook feed, and other marketing materials whether on-line or hardcopy. One common question employees ask is if they will be paid for ...

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The intranet can be the bane of any employee's existence if information is hard to find. Here's how to clean yours up. 5 collaboration tools you should know about

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Join our expert Kanika Tolver and special guest Minda Harts, author of The Memo, as they discuss how leaders can provide a more inclusive working environment, especially for women of color.

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2. Create an Employee Onboarding Site. The best way to get new employees familiarized with your organization is by creating an employee onboarding site on your intranet containing all the resources necessary for the new hire to succeed. Before bombarding them with too much information, have them sit down at their computer and navigate through ...

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