How Can I Get Money Without Borrowing Money Or Working For It? 

Believe it or not, our homes are full of items we have bought over the years, and from time to time, we look for ways to get money, and we ask ourselves the question: “how can I get the money”? We often need extra money for important reasons, like to pay an unexpected bill, or purchase a new washing machine, or have the car repaired or maybe just for a vacation.

In this article, I will show you ways to raise money without working or borrowing money from the bank. We will be resourceful and creative in our approach to “how I can get money” today.

how can I get the money

How Can I Get Money By Thinking Outside The Box

Like I said at the beginning, we all have homes full of unused items, so let's start by having a good rummage through our house. That means emptying everything out of the garage, in the loft, or the wardrobes, under the beds, and in the shed.

Once we have emptied these areas, we need to decide what we want to keep, what we want to sell, and what we should throw out. Remember, one man's rubbish is another man's gold.

Below are some suggestions of where you could sell the unwanted items that you no longer need or want.

How can I get money from eBay?

The eBay auction site is a good place to start as you can place your items in an auction for between three and ten days. You will, however, have to accept the money that you get when the auction finishes. Alternatively, you could decide to sell your item in an auction with a reserve price or a 'buy it now' option, which lets you decide what the minimum amount you would accept for your item.

You can also buy some items from eBay using eBay coupons and resell them on eBay and make huge bucks.


How Can I Get Money From A Car Boot?

It's really simple as you can sell anything as long as it fits in your car. Car boots sales generally cost $5 for the day, and all you need is a folding pasting table, a flask of hot coffee, and a warm coat. You can sell anything from an old screwdriver to a present that “aunt Maggie” gave you or those wooly socks your mother bought you made from some poor goat in Africa.

But you should be careful because people buying at car boots sales want to buy your items for nothing. So be aware and don't let the buyers bully you into a giveaway sale.

How Can I Get Money From A Car Boot

If you want a good price for your items, you can try selling your items on eBay or placing it on Craigs List within your area.

More Of “How can I get money” Ideas

  • Sell unwanted jewelry for scrap for cash
  • Sell items in good condition to a pawn shop for cash or just pawn it to buy back another day. But be aware that this is an expensive option.
  • Sell your old unused mobile phones online through an online comparison website to get the best price
  • You can even sell your old and unwanted CD's, DVD's and old LP records online.
  • Sell any hardback books on Amazon for cash
  • Sell old car batteries to your local scrap yard for cash
  • Some shops will buy any clean unwanted clothes, belts, handbags, blankets, etc. and they pay you by the weight normally around 60 pence a kilo.

 How can I get money Ideas

They are full of items we have bought over the years, and yet for some unknown reason, we continue to hoard these unwanted and unused items that we no longer need or want. It's easy to keep putting things away in a place that we don't need to look at very often. Today most families use their garage as an extra store room and not a garage to park their cars in. 

These tips will surely help you make money without borrowing money or working for it. You can also make money by trying shopping with coupon codes and reselling the items